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Eline Lubbers en Esra Bakker

Eline and Esra are a dynamic duo, combining their expertise from business and technical perspectives. Eline, a Digital Transformation Specialist, combines technology, design, and process innovation to develop innovative digital solutions. Esra, an AI Engineer, bridges the gap between theory and application, showcasing the transformative potential of AI. Together, Eline and Esra create a complementary partnership, to drive digital innovations making impact on a wide range of industries.

Innovation with AI: from idea to impact

How do you ensure that your AI project makes the right impact within your organisation? In this session 'Innovating with AI: from idea to impact' show Digital transformation specialist Eline and AI engineer Esra which steps you need to take to go from an AI idea to actual implementation. 

Discover through a real-life case which aspects are important when implementing AI from both a technological and business perspective. Learn how to capitalise on the challenges and opportunities of innovating with AI and which practical steps you need to take to turn your AI idea into a successful implementation. 

Preview video in Dutch: 
Slides in Dutch:

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