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Eline Lubbers

Eline loves to discover new technologies. With a MSc in New Media Design, she brings human-centred design, technology and process innovation together by visualisation. As a Digital Transformation Specialist she helps companies form and implement their technological strategy. In her spare time, she reads, paints and enjoys the adventures of life.

The Importance of Process, People, and Technology for Digital Innovation: A Visual Approach

How do you get the most out of innovation? Many companies want to use new and exciting technologies like AI, blockchain, or virtual reality. But what is the impact of a technology-first perspective? How does this approach affect the real-life applicability of these innovations in your daily operations?

Valuable innovation is about more than just groundbreaking ideas. It's about finding the right solutions for the challenges you face. Digital innovation goes beyond technology. What matters is the interplay between people and technology, working together in a process.

As a MSc in New Media Design, I bring human-centred design, technology and process innovation together through visualisation. During this session, you'll learn:

• The importance of the interplay between process, people and technology
• Why visualisation helps us to understand it better
• A technique that makes the key elements of digital transformation visible

At the end of this talk, you hold the key to unlocking the potential of digital innovation in your organisation.

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